Salutron is an experienced physio-tech company committed to delivering reliable and functional heart rate-based technology and products.
Founded in 1995, Salutron is an industry leader in fitness equipment heart rate electronics, and is now leveraging expertise in heart rate & physiological research to deliver advanced wearable health solutions. Our technologies can be found in products worldwide, from consumer activity trackers, heart rate monitors and cardio equipment to advanced research devices used by NASA, DARPA and the US Army.

Heart Rate

At the core of Salutron’s Bioprobe platform and physiological monitoring technologies, is expertise in ECG (electrocardiography) and optical PPG (photoplethysmography) heart rate technologies. Whether integrated into today’s advanced fitness equipment found in health clubs and homes around the globe, or designed into the latest smartwatch, activity track, or other wearable devices on the wrist, arm, head or other areas of the body, Bioprobe technology can deliver accurate heart rate monitoring. The Bioprobe platform has been designed to support (optional):

Respiratory sinus arrhythmia detection

Heart rate variability analysis

lnterbeat interval (R-R) measurement

Pulse wave amplitude analysis

Steps & Motion

Bioprobe analyzes motion to accurately extract steps and movement information, including distance and calorie estimates. Our dynamic distance calibration provides improved distance accuracy by actively calibrating stride length based upon a person’s height and cadence.

Sleep & Actigraphy

Actigraphy is a method of monitoring human rest and activity cycles based upon 24×7 motion analyses that is integrated into Bioprobe’s SleepTrak technology. With science originating from advanced research targeted to manned space missions, Bioprobe delivers automation and accuracy for tracking sleep onset, sleep classification, and duration.

Light Monitoring

The understanding of the impact of light exposure on the humans body comes from Salutron’s advanced research group. Bioprobe goes beyond monitoring data from the body to measure and analyze the amount of blue light a person is being exposed to, and can deliver alerts for increasing or decreasing blue light exposure, depending on the time of day or night.  This can help contribute to improved sleep/wake cycles.

Sensor Fusion

In addition to heart rate, motion, and light, Bioprobe can perform multi-parameter analysis extracted from a variety of sensors designed into a wearable device:



Blood pressure markers

Galvanic Skin Response

Electrodermal activity

Persistent authentication

These inputs, once processed by the various Bioprobe software libraries, can provide insights and information to help manage stress, fatigue, and alertness to optimize both physical and mental performance.