Our Bioprobe Technology


Heart Matters  –  Light Matters  –  Motion Matters  –  Night Matters

Make it Matter.

Designed for wearable devices for today and tomorrow, Bioprobe delivers validated, high resolution heart rate developed from a unique blend of consumer wearable and fitness product design expertise, advanced physiological research, proprietary electronics design and cutting-edge algorithm sets.

At the heart of Bioprobe’s unique optical architecture for PPG-base (photoplethysmography) heart rate is a proprietary, patent pending design using a special geometry of four optical sensors place around a single probe beam. This enables the optical signal to be optimized for both high resolution heart rate signal acquisition and low power utilization.

This optical heart rate capability supports automated acquisition and tracking of a user’s heart rate across a variety of activities, from aggressive fitness workouts to everyday/all day activities, without intervention from the user.

Flexible, Customizable

Designed with wearable developer flexibility in mind, Bioprobe offers an expanding set of library modules available for integration into smart watches and wearable devices, stepping beyond basic heart rate monitoring and delivering accurate and automated motion and actigraphy analysis, activity tracking, sleep monitoring, light monitoring, heart rate variability analysis – and more to come.

Broad System Integration Expertise

With over 20 years of delivering consumer heart rate devices, wearable monitoring solutions and body monitoring research expertise, Salutron and Bioprobe can help make wearable devices work smarter, and deliver more.

The Bioprobe Optical Heart rate product family consists of:

Bioprobe1 Optical Heart Rate Module:  This ‘system’ module integrates our unique optical architecture with a dedicated accelerometer and an ARM mcu with a preloaded Bioprobe OS – delivering to wearable devices fully processed and validated heart rate information.


Opti4 Optical Heart Rate Module:  The Opti4 module allows for a deeper integration into a wearable device’s architecture, utilizing the mcu and accelerometer on the device’s main board for integration of the Bioprobe software library, providing greater flexibility.

Bioprobe ECG Heart Rate modules for Cardio Fitness Equipment:

S-Pulse ECG Heart Rate Modules:  Designed for cardio fitness equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals and other equipment found in health clubs, gyms and homes, our S-Pulse ECG modules combine advanced digital architecture with Salutron’s proprietary ECG S-Pulse processing technology to deliver fast and accurate ‘touch’ contact heart rate and stable ‘noise-free’ wireless heart rate.